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Click on an area of the body to find out how much compensation you could expect for your injury.

Please note these figures are estimates of what is commonly awarded for similar injuries. Additional compensation may be paid for other related expenses and the loss of potential earnings. Please remember, each case is different, and accurate advice must be tailored to the individual case. Once you have started your claim, your solicitor will be able to give you a more realistic estimate of how much compensation you are likely to receive.

*Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal injury Cases, 8th Edition (2006) by the Judicial Studies Board

For more information please see the how much compensation will I receive and how can symptoms develop some time after an accident pages.

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Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash claims is your first stop for all the information you need to know about whiplash injuries, from diagnosis and treatment all the way through to establishing your claim for whiplash compensation.

Living and working with the pain of a whiplash injury can be distressing and whiplash symptoms can last for months or longer

We know how important your claim is to you, so for professional advice from trusted experts call us now, or complete the form to request a call-back to suit you.

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The Accident Toolkit is a free iPhone app that helps you capture key details, audio and images from the scene of an accident in a form that can be used to report a claim in an easy and efficient manner.

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