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WhiplashClaims.net – Your first choice for whiplash claims

At WhiplashClaims.net, we understand that making claims for whiplash can be a difficult, complex process.

Given the large number of legal hurdles than need to be crossed when pursuing a claim for whiplash, it is strongly advisable to seek assistance from an experienced legal professional to make sure the process runs smoothly and ends in a successful outcome.

Anyone pursuing a claim will benefit from the assistance of people who can take them through every step of making a claim to ensure they suffer the absolute minimum hassle and stress.

Whiplash claims are an intricate, complex process and they should never be handled by anyone other than a qualified solicitor, who has the knowledge, qualifications and experience to navigate the legal process and give the claimant the very best chance of a positive outcome.

At WhiplashClaims.net, we strive to match every claimant with a solicitor who has the skills, knowledge and experience to best handle the case in question. We are constantly analysing the work of the solicitors we connect with, and these critical evaluations of solicitors’ work enables us to guide you to the right person who can help you.

It is our strongly held belief that people should never be put under pressure to make a claim and vulnerable people must be treat with an appropriate level of care and sensitivity whenever a potential whiplash claim arises.

What we offer is a service that victims of whiplash can use if they choose to, and we offer it free of charge. We choose clients who we feel deserve representation without having to take a loan or a credit agreement to fight their case. We are always up front and transparent with our customers and we won’t encourage anyone to claim unless we truly believe their case holds weight.

We provide access to specialist whiplash solicitors who will help you claim compensation.

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Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash claims is your first stop for all the information you need to know about whiplash injuries, from diagnosis and treatment all the way through to establishing your claim for whiplash compensation.

Living and working with the pain of a whiplash injury can be distressing and whiplash symptoms can last for months or longer

We know how important your claim is to you, so for professional advice from trusted experts call us now, or complete the form to request a call-back to suit you.

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The Accident Toolkit is a free iPhone app that helps you capture key details, audio and images from the scene of an accident in a form that can be used to report a claim in an easy and efficient manner.

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