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Living and working with the pain of a whiplash injury can be distressing and whiplash symptoms can last for months or longer

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Whiplash Claims Overview

Whiplash injuries range from the very minor to the very severe – but the one thing they have in common is that they are debilitating, no matter what the degree of severity.


While mild cases of whiplash may mean that things like driving, riding a bike or household chores become unsafe, difficult and painful, more severe cases of whiplash injury will often prevent the sufferer from working, which often results in a loss of potential income, can see the accident victim severely out of pocket.

Considering that the recovery time for whiplash injuries averages anywhere between three to six months, there’s therefore a lot at stake for whiplash accident victims when it comes to their financial situation.

If the victim can’t work and has rent or mortgage repayments to keep up with, as well as utilities, food and other day-to-day expenses to deal with and simply can’t, their injuries can end up having a devastating  effect on their life not only in the short term but in the long term, too.

How can I claim?

There are things you need to remember when you’ve suffered a whiplash injury and would like to pursue a claim – and the more of this you can remember, the stronger your case will be.

First of all, unlike other injuries that can occur as a result of a road traffic accident, a whiplash neck injury may not appear immediately, with symptoms emerging anywhere between two hours and two days after the incident.

This can make the compensation claim process a little less black and white than with other injuries, and can therefore make claiming more difficult than for other injuries.

At the scene of the accident

However, no matter when symptoms arise, there are ways of making a whiplash compensation claim that little bit easier, and your case much stronger. Write down exactly what happened leading up to, during and after the accident as soon as possible after it’s occurred. Useful details include:

-        Where the accident took place;

-        What time the accident took place at;

-        Were there were any witnesses who can verify your story?;

-        What you said to the other person(s) involved, and what they said to you;

-        What the weather conditions were like.

In the aftermath

Immediately visit your GP or local A&E department for a medical examination, and be thorough about what you tell your designated healthcare professional about your symptoms and any other injuries. Ask them to write a report detailing your injuries.

And remember, it can take a few hours or days for whiplash injury symptoms to appear, so even if you were cleared after being examined immediately after the accident, make sure you return to your GP or A&E department for a further examination and any necessary treatment.

Help is at hand

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